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Can someone give me an easy way to see box general internet usage and access JWT?


Some employee down at WebN centres on websites so if they are not the only one in the room how can you find out if this is true?You feel your employees are taking another day.

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I have come up with some solutions for monitoring employee internet usage. I can find out if they are using the Internet for official work or binge-watching their favorite shows.

One more thing you will know if your employees are using the internet 🙂 let’s see how to track internet usage for them soon.

The table of contents.

Is it legal or ethical?How company can monitor their employees’ online use?Ways in which an employer can monitor company online activity.How does a company monitor employee’s internet usage?Software to monitor employee’s internet activity pctattletale monivisor flexispy final verdict faqs

Employers can monitor employees’ hand-off internet access.Is it legal or ethical?

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It is only acceptable for an employee to see his offline internet history and access all that information.

It becomes illegal to monitor workers’ web usage when they use the internet on personal devices. also the employee must be aware that the employer is tracking their internet usage otherwise it would be considered a privacy violation for which the workers can sue.

Could you explain more fully how HR does the need to monitor employees internet usage?

Companies also use cctv surveillance box and staff spying software to track employee activities. with a camera it’s not possible to track Internet usage hence they use monitoring tools for this task.

These software accounts for a company user’s internet logs and reports all their activities including their information from the surveillance screen.”

How do i control my positive internet usage?

You also need monitoring software to monitor employee internet usage. but there are plenty of any of this software, which one should you choose?I have licensed several softwares which i used personally and found worthwhile to recommend

Software to monitor employee internet activity.


The first employee spy app i would recommend is pctattletale that is ideal if you want to spy on your employee’s searches I actually keep it hidden by their browsers and it is not legal to do so because you cannot spy on your

One way to use the app is monitoring what websites your workers are browsing on your network with having a screen recording feature.

Aside from a screen recorder on the machine a windows keylogger the employee only works when there is a web browser on the computer. with this tool you can see all words they type on their browsers. this can be followed by terms like porn, facebook, youtube

More importantly it works on both Android and windows computers so that you can track your employees pc history as well as your smartphone activity and you can monitor employee internet usage for free using their limited-time free trial. overall after testing it for days i find pctattle

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2. monitor.

The next software that companies use to monitor employee internet usage is monivisor which also stays hidden on the employee’s computer as pctattletale and monitors all their activities including their internet activity.”

There takes you to monivisor’s section web activity which shows you all the web pages your employee visited with their URL. urls can be clicked to track who is visiting where.”

The app has a deleted web history also so overall is a really good employee monitoring software you can use check the phone logs.

3. flexispy.

The last but not least i wrote employee spyware that lets you check a worker’s internet history without them knowing. with flexispy you can see their browsing history on any browser google chrome firefox opera.

There takes you the site history even the time each site was viewed by your employee by the employees this will give you insight to what websites your employees waste most time on.

You can also use other important features in software like keyloggers network connections and a usb connection that enables monitoring on your employees activity.

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The final verdict.

Using surveillance software like the one i discussed above helps monitor the employee’s internet usage.

However when you are still using this software make sure you inform your employee about their installation on their computer and the company will give them some legal action if they find out that you use malware.

The faqs.

Is tracking employee actions on the internet legal?

Yes it’s allowed as long as the employee knows about it.

Could I have a spy app installed on other people’s computers?

Yes they can but the employee must be aware of it.

Can you list the best tracking software for employee Internet usage?

According to me pctattletale is the best tracking software for employee internet usage

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