Can you track my children’s cell phone so he doesn’t know his name?”

Can you track my children’s cell phone so he doesn’t know his name?”

Mobiles being the most important device in a young population, many worried parents used internal phone sensors while speaking without a cellphone as a recording device.Your kids are falling off the australian scale?Does your child exercise too much just to get distracted?

Why do you track your kid’s phones?”

They are frighteningly true how big it is for children to lay their hands on the phones across the world at a very young age and there are even parents who have decided to buy them eventually.

In the short term it is beneficial but in the long term it can cause some serious ramifications.

1.8 billion people today have a smartphone.

Because of a number of reasons society is changing a worrying amount of the usage of smartphones has gone to the youngest on earth. truly this has created an epidemic where most people glued to their soft glow screen.

Countries like the uk show that by the age of 11 70% and by 14 90% of kids own a smartphone. To top that there are many places around the world where children as young as 2 have moderate knowledge of running a tablet and by 4 around 90% of these kids are seriously addicted.

Any playground in the 21st century will give you the chance to watch kids staring at the mobile like zombies looking into nothing

In these situations a lot of parents turn to child cell phone monitoring by various means namely the internet and then the apps have given parents a lot of worry as to what their kids could be exposed to.

Kids in elementary school beg their elders to let them have a smart phone before they know how to tie the shoelace. These situations have a negative effect on the child’s overall growth.

While the use of technology is big it is what is still something that can be discounted. across the board it may also have negative consequences on parents.

How do devices affect children? positive or negative?

Smartphones have brought the world closer but as with everything there are a whole laundry list of negatives that come with them. the importance of understanding these negatives becomes very important in the process of finding a solution

1. effects on brain.

A recent survey by the national institute of health in the us based on the preliminary data of the child’s brain cognitive development revealed distressing results.

Scans of the brain showed that there was a premature thinning effect of the cerebral cortex, responsible for our neural and voluntary skills in our brain.

2- children parents relations.

Mobiles have immediately changed children’s relationship with parents forever. parents’ touch, voice and how they play with their kids help build a child’s emotional center are key to their learning process and how they emotionally bond

The children who interact – to put a tablet into the window – see a different reaction and check the mental bridges they have – to affect their concentration and their self-esteem hard.

Such parents often use cell phone spy software to at least be aware of the kind of content that kids see. although their usage varies on the child to child and how they view technology use on personal relationships

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3. takes us to obesity.

Cnn’s about obesity:yet every people is well aware that technological ways have brought the wonders of the world into our doorsteps but they haven’t

There takes this the side effect of the sedentary lifestyle and the offsetting lower levels of physical activity. they exercise less, play less but their food intake does not reduce. for instance they now eat the same getkos as before.

4. behavioral problems.

While technology has fixed a lot of our daily problem about our world it also created problems for ways we can deal with them. one is the adverse effect of technology on behavior – especially of teenagers.

Kids are in an early stage of their lives developing emotional and mental skills which are disrupted by fast-paced technology which is delivering everything with minimal wait. this lack of wait for information and products etc has created a generation that almost never ratches.

Psychologist jim taylor emphasizes the problem by explaining that voice inflection, body language, facial expressions and feel hormones (released during face to face interaction) are lacking in today’s kids and thus they lack basic communication skills.

5. my sleep problems.

Mobile lighting up the bed before a sleep is not a healthy sign but it’s a common habit among many teenagers and kids around the world.

Not everyone agrees with the positive hope that children have been having trouble sleeping due to excessive internet usage.

Sleep deprivation causes numerous medical issues including high blood pressure and poor mental skills

How should a person handle their smart-phone habits?

It is a huge problem positive hope for every parent to deal with their child s smartphone addiction.

1. set limits.

It is sudden changes that can cause chaos and problems to kids who are allowed to abide by already established laws and restrictions.

The kids should learn to respect each other with strict boundaries whether it’s for mobile phones video games or any other type of entertainment it will give them discipline to know and to set priorities for life. some parents have been known to use cell phone spy

2. the technology has been broken up because.

The personal touch and the joy of a face to face discussion are things which the new generation slowly drifts away from and this is a worry. these things that may appear minor are highly important and as such regular breaks from the use of these gadgets are a must

Family time everyday and especially weekends cannot be sacrificed for frivolous mobile use. these breaks can be attractively provided with fun family or friends activities.

The digital free zones.

Establishing digital-free zones is another good trend that is very effective and is catching up.mobiles sometimes invade very personal spaces and times, like eating tables for example

As such if there is no equipment/technological zone then children will learn to use personal time and breaks from technology. there is a mobile monitoring software for parents and other to ensure these zones are complied

4. set the example.

Children mostly learn from examples and parents are the first people they look up to for behavior example parents have opportunity to set a healthy example in the house for all children to follow but as is seen in many cases rebuke the gadgets use is followed by finger pointing at parents who preach what they don’t

If the above mentioned steps don’t solve the problem then cell phone spy software is a possibility that is gaining in trend in recent past. let’s go through some reasons why you may need one too”

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Why do you need spy device?

In this time of technology addiction cell phone monitoring app is an excellent choice.

One reason is that the free spyware has the ability : 1. to remotely track the movements of your child but not just discreetly but at all. are difficult to carry out the entire setup off

2. these apps give you live screen shots of their mobile activity directly to a central console for parent comfort.

3. you can see the history of a browser and know if there the very problematic content that you need parental control.

4. their text and call info will reveal if they are in contact with the wrong side of the crowd of society

Best child monitoring software.

The best phone monitoring software for children that parents who are worried about their children can use.

One spymaster pro.

It is a safe option positive for the parents who want to protect their children Besides it is easy to operate and you don’t even know much dm tech to work on it like most of the competition

It’s downloadable for 4.99 and 5.99$ per month for basic and premium android and for the iphone it’s just 7.99$ per month. It’s compatible with all latest mobiles or android, and ios


Many people use the app as it offers 3 devices with a package seriously ignoring some glaring weaknesses. the pricing plans also go up from 19.99$ a month to 23.99$ a month and 25.99$ a month for basic, premium and gold packages. plus it forces you to jailbreak

One stealthgenie.

This mobile spying app has good pricing at 8 and 16 dollars per month but it conceals a few facts that it isn’t updated for a long time

4. the judicial police.

Phonesheriff started as a cell phone monitoring software for parents but there is one big flaw. it is not a private software because it will notify the target or the child that the mobile is being monitored by their parents. You can monitor 3 devices for 49$ for 6 months and 89$ for six months but the proces is very cum

Highster mobile.

It is quite attractive for many parents as it comes with a one-time payment of 69$. every discount obviously comes with a negative point and this point is that it is the most basic mobile spy software in the market. plus, the smartphone compatibility list

Mobile addiction in children is a serious issue and one that has gained epidemic proportions. it can’t be ignored like a brief phase. serious damages are being seen in children hence using child cell phone monitoring software for kids could be an effective solution.”

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