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Eyezy review : not the best but what I’m reminded of is a good one.

Eyezy review: not best but good enough.

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Before handing over any spyware franklin takes the use of all the spy software and apps purchased by him and all of the information is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots exist increasing the real-time data transmission between the target device and

Facebook.Tweet.Takes the dryer.Linkin.

Sometimes one is left with no other choice the one to spy on their partner or their child because they are hiding something from them. if you are also going through this situation then you have to look for ways to track the love of your

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The better solution is to remotely snoop in their phone because it contains everything about them. for this purpose you will need a special app that can remotely monitor all their activities on their phone.

The name of the app is eyezy and here is what i think about it in an overview of the app.

Eyezy reviews.

If you can’t put it all together and are looking for one thing then use the fast links below.”

Can be detected with an eyeliner.How does eyezy perform in different aspects?This is about support.A kit voltage check if takes eyezy.How much eyezy cost.Eyezy vs umobix features &amp. pricing compared is eyezy worth your time &amp. money: final verdict faq.How’s liquor and how does eyezy traits work?How do you configure & install eyezy?

Which device works with eyezy?

You must have concerns about the compatibility of eyezy and you would like to know if it will work on your target device.Well you don’t need to worry because It can track other android devices like iphone without rooting to jailbreak.

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However, you have to be careful about the os version of the target device because it can only track Android phones running on Android 4.0 and above and in the case of iOS it can only track iPhones running on the iOS version 7.0 or above.

I positive the app works on a samsung m12 running android.11 so i’ve not encountered a compatibility issue with the app in any way.

How to install eyezy?

The basic guide available for download is a step-by-step guide with videos to install and configure web app.

First you can create an eyezy account this account will be used to remotely track the phone’s activities. just click the try now button on the eyezy website and then create your account.

2. you just need to enter your email address and order a plan based on your requirement next you will receive the login credentials in your email.

3. once you give up your computer you will see the installation guide on your dashboard. use the instructions ” on the screen and you’ll be able to install the app on the target phone.

Click the link in the case of eyezy.

Is eyezy ever tested on different aspects?

Once the eyezy app is installed on your target you will be able to monitor your activities which are categorized into 9 different sections as follows:

Keystroke captures public spotlight service takes details doc other software downloads internet live dialogue logs flyers blog.

We’ll continue to discuss all of these ways but let’s take a quick look at the dashboard of the app

So after logging into your eyezy account the first thing you see is your dashboard where you can see all the details about the target phone like its activities, calls, messages and location all in one place.

Then we talk about how eyezy works.

Click here to try eyezy.

How can hand people what features are eyezy across?

1. Keystroke capture.

The first part you can see is the keystroke capture : by the name it is obvious what this feature does but if you don’t know : I steal the notes or photos I capture when the phone is open :

A) brothermaker.

The keylogger section shows you a list of the words that can be typed by the target phone. it can be words entering a browser, social media, a message or anywhere else.

Although it actually works well i personally didn’t like that eyezy sometimes doesn’t show the complete amount of positive and negative elements for every word that it indicates and you have to guess what the message is about.

B) screen giver.

The keylogger has many hidden messages so you can read them on the screen recorder in the app. you can view the recorded screen of the target phone when a social media account is opened on it. this means that you can read all their chats and also see who is chatting.

Like the keys section it also allows you to filter out the screen recordings based on social media apps. it’s a good feature but unlike other apps like umobix the app is not quick enough to sync the recorded screen to

It could take up to 10 minutes for the maps to appear on my dashboard but it won’t change much because you only check your account once in a while and until then it must have stored all the information

Also i’d like to add across this forum that i tried multiple apps like facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tumblr and Snapchat but because the model is so new before i went to the research

Click here to try eyezy.

2. the social spotlight.

If you want to spy on someone with a call tracking app you need this feature only if that purpose is to track their activity on social media.

A) text messages.

If you’re looking for a way to read the text message e-mail sent to your spouse or wife eyezy can track the emails it sends to you and does give you pictures.

What amazed me about eyezy is that it can show you messages that were deleted before they were received.

B) parachute.

If you are using eyezy to monitor employees then you would love the fact that it can even spy on the gmail account of the target device. but this is not very accurate i.e. it may not be able to track

In my case the app only tracked my old email several months ago but not the new one.

C) WhatsApp messages.

It’s easier for you to determine what was said in a chat with which contact.

To my positive surprise it even recorded the chats that were deleted quickly after receiving or sending them away. However eyezy does lack the whatsapp call log and call recording feature as seen on flexispy.

D) WhatsApp.

The secret chat feature on facebook messenger is now a favorite chatting app for cheaters but don’t worry if you are a partner using fb messenger for hiding their illicit relationship eyezy can even track the messenger secret conversation along with

I can recommend it to you because i have analyzed this version and it worked very well for me.

E) instagram dm.

Instagram dm is a place where you can flirt with people you don’t even know. if your partner has romantic discussions with someone on instagram you know about it with the help of eyezy. It easily tracks all the insta dms and here’s the proof.

More than the social media apps mentioned above eyezy can track snapchat tinder, viber.

Try eyezy.

3. successor to the phone app.

I positive the incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone know etiquette of the call recorded on the provider screen and the duration of the call.

Still it can only show call logs but no longer records the calls as other spy apps such as kidsguard pro and flexispy. besides the calls it shows all the contacts who are stored in the target phone.

4. identify.

The map feature enables you to locate across any place the target person has been in the survey as well as the map view A location can be easily and effectively located using the gps feature

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If the GPS is down then you can find out the person’s location using the WiFi location. Yes, eyezy can share the location of all the wifi networks to which the target phone is connected

The thing i found is that it shares its location with the longitude-latitude value when gps is loading.

5. plan breaker.

The plan breaker feature in eyezy is pretty much a plan breaker. it shows you all the plans of the target person which they have mark on their calendar.

A finder for files.

You’re concerned that your kid could have some inappropriate photos and videos on his phone.Make no mistake eyezy can show you all the stored images and videos on their phone. these can be images or videos they have captured from their phone, downloaded from the internet or received from friends over

In addition you can download the multimedia files and keep them safe on your device as proof. but if they delete the photograph after positive clicking then the app can’t take the photos.

7. Web magnifying box.

In this section you’ll find a guide that helps you track the browsing of your kids or your partner and it dinims the android history of the target phone.

For experiment purposes i searched through websites in the incognito tab of the chrome browser and it showed the technology’s search history myself incognito along with the time of the visit and the frequency of the visit ie how many times the same page was accessed by the target

Takes the place of the hyperlinks tab in the normal window to display the URL of the page that is clickable. so on the standard windows it opens in the contextual window and says that the user can use the Wikipedia page

I checked this feature and then results from it the end but the reserve feature didn’t return any results so I think it could work with a rooted device.

Mnemonic giveover blocks each computer’s connection.

Although eyezy doesn’t have a remote access feature that allows one to remotely access the camera and microphone of the target device as seen on many other snoop apps it does have a connection blocker feature which remotely blocks websites

Block the website.

You can add as many websites as you want but one to one. it may take 15 minutes for the command to take effect. once the command has been applied the blocked website will not be able to load

I tried other browsers but off the blocked web page was not able to be.

Block wifi.

Again it can take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes for a particular wifi to be blocked so be patient the only way to do this is the block button next to the name of the wifi to block.

In my experience i found that it can not only block a saved wifi but also the one that is currently connected on the target phone.

Block apps.

Eyezy can also block websites and wifi resources by allowing you to simply locate the app you want to block and just click the block button under its name

The one thing I find very annoying about this feature is the fact that it shows all the apps the target phone has installed even the system apps.

Magic alert.

The categories has a standard voltage and a standard voltage check feature which will alert you to the latest cell or wireless signals when the target smartphone enters a specific location or a

Although the geofencing feature wasn’t working for me i am very satisfied with the keyword alert feature as it worked as promised. you just need to add the keywords to which you need to be alerted about.”

If you enable the email alert you will receive an email when you add this word to an app that is installed on the person’s device.

Test eyezy here.

What about our help center?

I personally liked the eyezy customer care they provide check chat support which can be initiated through the eyezy official website. What is good is that they assign you a tech support executive as soon as possible. you can have a chat

Can you detect other optozyme?

Don’t worry eyezy is installed with a fake name so the target person won’t know about it. however the eyezy app icon is not hidden by itself so you may have to hide it yourself.

The eyezy app is on the go and does not effect the phone performance whatsoever; neither does it heat the smartphone nor eats many batteries thus the anonymous person nor the havesks will know that they are a victim of her

Amount of positive eyezy?

After reading positive eyezy reviews you can be sure that you will go for a eyezy without hesitation. If you are then you want to know the prices.

Unlike other freewares which have multiple plans, eyezy offers you a single plan and you can get it in a monthly, quarterly equine or annual subscription

If you want to use it for a time then the monthly plan is best suited for you which will cost you $47.99/month. However if you plan to use it for the long term then get a quarterly and annual plan at a lower rate of $27.99 / month and $9.99 /month respectively

Try eyezy.

Eyezy and ubix voltage and features at the same check price.

If there’s one app that’s a rival of eyezy then it’s umobix. the pricing of both the apps is similar and so are the features. Although umobix has some advanced features like remote access to the camera and microphone of the target device but these features are still under development.

Besides the geofence feature umobix doesn’t use but eyezy does. However the geofence feature didn’t work for me as you can read in my review above.

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Looks nice to watch : final verdict :

I know eyezy is not the perfect spy app as some of its features don’t check the way he should but the features that work are enough to let you spy on someone without their knowing.

I would definitely recommend you go for it


How do I use eyezy?

To use eyezy you need to create an account on eyezy and then download the app and secretly install it on the target phone. once installed you can login to your eyezy account and start wasting your phone

Is eyezy because the root of the repository?

No eyezy may work well on a non-rooted phone. However, if the phone is rooted then it will work even better.

Is eyezy free?

No it can be used freely but you get a free demo which gives you an opportunity to learn more about the tool before you buy it.



Ease of installation.


Also track functions


User interface.


Speed of sync.



Takes a 9.0/10.



Impact on target phone.

9.5 positive scores.

Customer support.


Price for money.



Easy to use can track deleted texts keylogger works fine social media tracking is possible remotely block website, apps and wifi location tracking is almost accurate great customer support.


Geofence does not work for me no recorded footage you have to manually hide the app icon at the target phone.

I wanna try eyezy.

Because sometimes though one has never been able to observe his or her childhood relatives you have only had one chance to monitor such relatives with an app that lets you do it by setting the habits of theI noticed that if they delete a photo or video after capturing it the app can’t record it as it does on a log reader but in my case the service is available in the version across ships.For this guide we have to choose an appropriate app which could be fully compatible with the device. Basically they track every part of the email before allowing it to be delivered.

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