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How do you monitor employee internet usage?

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People in the business – whoever has created the business – really feel attracted to web surfing and check the phone when they are not able to do that.Do you think your employees are taking time from you?

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In this article i have managed to find some solutions to monitor employee internet usage. This way you can find out if they are using internet for official work or binge-watching their favorite shows

At the end of this article you will learn how can we track employee internet usage.

Table of contents.

Are you legal?How do companies monitor a person’s internet usage for security reasons?Technology used to check student internet usage can also be used.How do you monitor the employee’s connection to their social media?The software monitoring the internet activity of an employee pctattletale monivisor flexispy internal summary of customer’s discovery faqs

Can my employer monitor my internet usage?Is it ethical?

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It has ethical and legal meaning for an employee to check their internet activities. if they use a computer or a positive message, the employer has the right to announce the information they’re scouting

It becomes illegal for employers to monitor employees web usage during a company’s internet use. also a employee must be aware that the employer is tracking their usage or it would be considered a privacy breach for which workers can sue

How companies monitor internet access?

Companies use employee surveillance software and cctv cameras to track workers activities

The software in the employee’s computer records all their activities including their browsing history.”

Can you list the ways to monitor employee usage in Internet?

As i said you need monitoring software to track employee internet usage but there are plenty of such software available in the market.I have 3 software and training for HR personnel which i have personally applied and find worth recommending.

The software to monitor the interaction of employees with the internet.


The first employee spyware that is I would recommend is pctattletale which is ideal if you want to secretly watch the search history of your employees because it stays encrypted on their devices. although it is not legal to do so because you cannot spy on your employee without their permission. however if you have a valid reason to

In this way it can help you track browsing history of people in a browser. the first is you can watch what they are browsing on the web via its screen recording feature and there’s also a live recording feature that you can see in real-time what websites they are surfing

There is also a windows keylogger on the platform that only works when the employee is using some browser on their computer. with this tool you can see all the words they have typed on their browser. for example if they search for terms like porn, facebook

I found monitoring employees’ internet usage extremely helpful after testing it for days”

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2. the monivisor.

Next software that companies use to monitor customer internet usage is monivisor which also stays hidden on the customer’s computer like pctattletale and will monitor all their activities including the global internet traffic.”

You can check my online record at the office by going to any page on mymonivisor.com. there takes you to the web activity section.

During my recent test with monivisor i found that this app acknowledged the deleted information as well. So overall it is a much better employee monitoring system you can use to keep track of employees.


But not least i’ve got flexispy for you. This employee spyware lets you check workers internet history without them knowing that with flexispy you can see their browsing history on all browsers be it Firefox Firefox

It shows the web history of the site even tells you how long the site was accessed by your employee so you can find out what websites your employees engage in.

More important than that there are other features on the software such as keylogger e.g. connection, the usb service takes a few minutes to do the activity.

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I’ll give you the final verdict.

The internet user should be monitored to make positive that they are done working or not. to do so you can use the software described above.

However before using these programs make sure that you inform your employee of their installation on their device as they may only catch you if they find out that you are spying on them in any way.

It’s crazy.

Is that legal to log a corporate internet activity?

Yes its perfectly legal and the employee has to know it.

Can a boss spy on an employee’s computer?

Yes but the employee has to be aware of it.

Which is the best internet usage tracking software for employee?

According to positive concerns pctattletale is most effective software aimed at tracking an institution’s use of internet.

@type: Is it legal to check for employee internet usage? ” ” ” ” pctattletale” seems the best software for this but I wouldn t give any explanation.

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