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positive online habits and targeted internet attacks.

our survey reveals a lot about online data protection and how prevalent data breaches are.as an organization which builds an internet where privacy is the default we at proton are always interested in how people protect themselves and their data online.we asked 1,000 random people over the age of 16 to tell the average us citizen what they do to get access to public information online.the answers to that question may disclose how often a data breach happens in light of the high frequency of the most common data breaches.we have listed the key findings from the document below.Gmail is the most popular email provider but iCloud is popular among people under 25.the survey asked respondents what are their mobile phone provider and what are their Internet browsers.With 73.71% using Gmail the most popular email provider.apple s email service was fourth most popular icloud service.however the results showed an increase in new icloud accounts within the age group of 16 to 24-years (over 18% of the customers had an icloud account compared to under 10% of those above this age rangeif you choose an email provider it’s important to give information about their track record as well as the protections they have.”takes dryerware off some email providers such as Yahoo and Outlook which released the spreadsheet version which was also hacked in 2012.others such as gmail have a good security record but they can scan your emails, track the shopping habits of your e-mails and share access to e-mail to third party.unfortunately none of the popular providers, including apple’s own email service, offers hand-embedded encryption or zero-access encryptionproton mail uses zero-access encryption on all emails meaning that we cannot read your messages and no third parties can read them.it means even with a breach of data your messages would be secured.most provider provide 2-factor authentication for their customers accounts. You should always use this takes a mirror image camera.however 2fa does not automatically cover all the vulnerabilities you now have to in your account depending on the type of breach.it also shouldn’t mean that a provider tries to sell or share your information.for a private email experience you need to use an encrypted service such as proton mail that protects all.on terms of Internet search terms google chrome came out on top with 63.45% of people using chrome as their day-to-day browser. Safari came second with 26.29% people using apple’s chosen browser as their main search provider.”many people use major tech services simply because they come preinstalled on their devices or offer name recognition and fast..yet these services rely on a business model of making use of your data for advertising purposes, which is at odds with privacy… are youthis is particularly true with computer browsers. Using alternative services that minimise data collection is the best way to find what you are looking for while giving minimal information.72% of people admit to using public wifi networks without adequate security measures despite privacy warnings surrounding their Wifi connection.many people may feel they’re as careful as possible with online security but do we give it as much thought when we’re on the go/embarrassment?most likely you are connected to a public wifi network after having dinner with friends in the family office.our survey identified that over 72% of survey participants actually use public wifi networks despite the risks they pose to your privacy.these wifi networks often require that you agree to terms and conditions to monitor your browsing and link to your email to sell that data to advertisers..if you don’t want to know what your vpn is then positive that it is a trustworthy vpn or a vpn software which protects your data from the network operating in case the internet spills.more than a quarter of people surveyed admitted to having their data exposed to the NSA in a breach.as part of the survey we checked up on the site other respondents with their main e-mail id address.this website is free to use and checks whether an email address has been exposed in an online breach..the survey has found that 25.8% of people have been exposed in online breaches at least once. This 12-month study was distributed around 4002after trying to check the results of the survey again they didn’t know dintlari was only 5% of total..copying or pasting is a type of data breach where hackers copy and paste personal information like email addresses, names, passwords etc. on specific websites like pastebin..the website also tries to put in your email address that was subjected to a paste. Pasting is a type of data breach where hackers copy and paste personal data such as email addresses, names and passwords on specific websites such as pastebin.the site checks that your email address was damaged.many people who attended our interview found that their personal information was subject to paste.it makes it much easier for someone to obtain the data he wants and share them with them.Almost 20 per cent came out of this because they think their personal information might have been subject to geo-pasted.we asked the respondents to mention the type of information they most strongly detected in school anthropology databases.three types of data are well-known:.email addresses (57.19%) passwords (38.36%) user identities (33.22%).the survey also asked respondents to specify the type of companies that had been breached.the social media industry had the highest percentage of people affected by a data breach (42.12%), followed by gaming (25%) and tech-based websites (20.55%).a larger breakdown can be seen in the image above:social media42.12%gaming25.00%technology20.55%e-commerce18.84%lifestyle17.81%banking18.12%creative11.64%fitness10.96%adult industry8.56%unfortunately people don’t do anything when the company is leaking the data positive or negative.”people trust that companies because their web sites keep their data safe away.that’s not always the case even companies of high security have suffered widespread data breaches. positive to some people.most social media have positive data breaches including Facebook tiktok Instagram and YouTube where millions of users’ data was exposed.in this case a number of people could not do more to protect their takes..though most people don’t want their information being disclosed by a social media site, we must maintain as little personal data as possible to reduce the size of the possible breach or disclosure.82% of consumers are concerned about not being able to see sensitive information in a breach but less than 21% are worried about reducing their online browsing habits.proton vpn wanted to find out not just what information has been exposed online but ultimately what information people are most concerned with being exposed.the three types of information people are most concerned about being exposed to in a breach are:.- bank details (54 %) passwords (43.53%) physical addresses (18.13%).it said 82% of people were worried about sharing their sensitive information during other online breaches..however the same survey respondents indicated not to take the similar precautions that they take to protect themselves and their data til their results appeared online.less than 23% of people say they read privacy policies to ensure their data won’t be sold to third parties.less than 20% say they have two-factor authentication (2fa) set up on all accounts which keeps your accounts safe if your password is stolen or exposed.moreover when asked if they plan to do anythingbut for those who want extra security what should I do to keep their data as private and as secure as possible?.take steps to protect positive things about yourself.even if a company’s data is unprotected or off limits it can contain a personal data breach the user can take some steps to keep their information secure.security experts at protonvpn have given their advice to users who are worried about their data being exposed online:.where possible, set up 2fa and additional steps to obtain an account to ensure that your details are as secure as possible.even if someone sends you a give me log in information how can you access your account without knowing your second login account login informations?don’t put a link to an email to an individual if you think this information is necessary.we know it’s not easy with social media.however at least we recommend removing as little information regarding you as possible.when you are checking out never try unchecking the boxes that ask if they’ll keep your credit card data for the next time you shop.ensure that all your account passwords are different for each one of them which can be easier by using an online password manager.so if you are being breached on one site, a hacker may not get any of the big data you are holding.sources and analysis of methods.according to a survey done in October 2020 on 2,000 us citizens the 12-month study was taken to various locations on the whole of the united states.censuswide conducted this survey on behalf of proton vpn.the post about us – privacy and data backup appeared first on protonvpn blog.

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