Spotify Premium APK Download v Latest Working MOD 2021

Are you looking for the Spotify Premium APK? If yes, then you’re on the right page because today, in this article, I am going to share the latest version of Spotify Premium APK with you. It comes with all the premium versions unlocked, and you can enjoy them without paying a single penny. So, without any further delay, let’s get started-

If you love listening to music, then there are chances that you’ve heard about Spotify. Well, if you are not aware of Spotify, you don’t have to worry because here I am going to share all the information about Spotify with you.

Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms around the globe. It is prevalent because of the services they offer. According to a report by TheVerge, Spotify globally has reached the milestone of 217 million active users worldwide, while more than 100 million of them are paid users. The significant part is, Spotify is the only music streaming service that has reached this milestone.

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With this, you can assume how popular Spotify is. And 100 million-plus premium users clearly define why their premium service is so popular. Well, we know that not everyone can pay for their service, especially the students, and because of that, we started creating the MOD version of Spotify Premium APK. If you’re also looking for a free method to access Spotify Premium, then this article is especially for you.

Spotify Premium APK Download v Latest Working MOD 2021
Spotify Premium APK Download v Latest Working MOD 2021

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium is the modded version of the latest Spotify android application. It has all the essential features included that the Spotify offering on its most recent version. On the other hand, it is entirely free, and you can take full advantage of it without paying a single buck from your pocket. You may also link Pandora One APK which is also one of the best music streaming app.

It offers more than 40 million songs in 20+ different languages. Along with the songs, Spotify is a great place to find quality podcasts, audiobooks, poetry, and so many other things. If you’re looking for a single app that can handle all your music-related entertainment needs, then I don’t think you should look at any other than Spotify as there are no competitors who come even near to Spotify.

Moreover, Spotify offers songs in different bitrates so that you can enjoy the quality and feel the song more clearly. However, free versions are restricted to 160 KPBS bitrate only, but with the help of this MOD, you can listen to high-quality music up to 320 KPBS bitrate.

There are so many other features that I want to talk about Spotify Premium MOD APK, but we’ll discuss them later in the features section below. It’s time to download the application-

Spotify Premium APK Download

Here we are sharing the latest version of Spotify Premium MOD APK. This APK file is modded by our team itself so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Still, I will suggest you check before permitting any request asked by any modded app. It is not only for this Spotify because most of the people over the internet share apps with malicious codes that could be harmful to your smartphone and your data.

You can download the Spotify Premium APK from the download button given below. If you face any issues while downloading the APK file, please let us know in the comment section so that we can update the button with the latest working links.

Download Spotify Premium Apk [Latest Version]

Download Spotify Premium APK

Features of Spotify Premium APK

Since this APK is based on the most recent app released by Spotify, it has almost all the identical features that Spotify Premium APK is packed with. However, there are some other features also added by the developer to make it more functional than the original one. However, without wasting time, let’s dive into the features this Spotify Premium offers to its users.

No Advertisements

It is the most crucial thing that annoys most of the users having a free Spotify account. I mean, who likes those annoying ad commercials between your favorite playlists. It just ruins the mood, and because of that, we have removed the advertisements from the APK. So, you can enjoy music without any disturbances.

Offline Downloading

Another feature that most of you’re asking for was downloading songs. We have made downloading possible for you. Now you can enjoy downloading songs without any issue. Previously it was only available for paid users, but now, with the help of this, you can also make songs offline and listen whenever you want even without having an internet connection.

Best Quality Music

Spotify’s free accounts are restricted with 160 KBPS bitrate only. Well, that is sufficient for most of the users but not for everyone. Many of us enjoy listening to songs in high bitrate, and in that case, you can use this APK. With the help of this MOD apk, you can enjoy music at the maximum bitrate of 320 KBPS. It means you can get the exact feel of the music.

Unlimited Skips

Spotify’s free version offers only six songs skips per hour, while with the help of this Spotify Premium MOD, you can skip as many songs as you want. There is no limit on that. Also, there are no limits on the shuffle as well.

No Root Required

Another significant part of this Spotify MOD is that it doesn’t require any root environment. You can install it on any android smartphone running on Android version 4.2 and above, and that’s enough. Also, you don’t need to install any other third-party app to enjoy the features. Separate Spotify MOD APK is more than enough for performing all your tasks.

How to Install Spotify Premium APK

Now it is the section I added only for those who struggle while installing MOD applications. Mostly because they need to download and install it from third-party sources. If you also face issues while installing apps from third party sources, you can refer to this article; otherwise, you can skip this part if you know how to download and install these applications.

  • First of all, if you’ve installed any other version of Spotify, uninstall it.
  • After that, you’ve to download the modded Spotify Application we shared with you in the download section above. I am assuming that you’ve downloaded it so we can proceed further for installation.
  • After doing that, open the download file and begin the installation. (If installation get blocked, enable installation from unknown sources)
  • After that, the installation will process, and in a few seconds, it will get installed on your smartphone.
  • Now you’ve to visit and create a free account there. Without this free account, you can not use this MOD version.

Note- We’ve seen Spotify start banning some accounts, so it’s suggested to use a secondary account for this MOD. However, the number of banned accounts is very least, but still, why take a risk.

Fix Spotify Not Available In Your Country

In some cases, if you are not able to create an account on Spotify’s hacked app or not able to sign in then you can use any Best VPN. Change your location to US, UK, Australia then you can create an account on it. And you can easily fix Spotify not available in your country. Recommended VPN –  TunnelBear VPN {it’s free}

FAQ – People Also Ask

Ok, Now lots of question rising on your mind related to Spotify Mod Apk and You wants the answer to those questions. So here I Cover Top 5 Questions that everyone Ask for. i hope this Question and the Answer will help you Out. If you have more questions then simply comment below. I will answer you As soon as possible. See also  WhatsApp Plus APK v8.20 Download For Android 2020

How to Unlink my Spotify Account from Apple?

If you are using Spotify Premium Apk on the Apple device and you are planning to change the Device then you may need to unlink Spotify Account from Apple. To do so you will need to follow the below quick procedure.
Go to the setting from the iOS device.
Open the Apple store and Tap on the Apple ID, and then iCloud and then iTunes.
Now Click on the Password and Security option.
Enter into Apps that use your Apple ID.
Here you should select Spotify Premium Apk.
Now Click on the “Stop using Apple ID”

Can I Use Spotify in Different Country?

You can use Spotify and listen to your favorite songs in different countries differ on the registered in your account. But it has some limitations like you can use Spotify in a different country that is not registered in your Spotify account for up to 14 days. More than that you will need to upgrade your plan or change your country in the Spotify account.
If you are using Spotify premium apk then you don’t need to panic. You can listen to your favorite songs anywhere in the world where your device can get unrestricted internet.

How to Listen to Songs Offline on Spotify?

In the Premium version of Spotify, you will be able to Save or Download your Favourite Songs, music, Podcasts. You can create a Playlist in the Spotify Premium Apk by downloading your desired songs up to 10,000. These downloaded songs you can listen to even if you don’t have an active internet connection.
Another thing is that if you are using free services then you can download the Podcast on your android device. These downloaded songs will remain for up to 30 days. After 30 days it will be required to refresh again. For doing the same you need to have an active internet connection for downloading again.

Do Prepaid Cards Accept Spotify Payment?

Yes Absolutely. Prepaid cards are the most preferable way to do your payment for the Spotify monthly or yearly plan. You can set prepaid cards as the default payment method in the Spotify Account.

FAQ-5: What Spotify Subscription Do offer to You?

To know details about the subscription plan or planning for the Spotify Premium Apk you should know what Spotify offers for the Premium Account.

SpecificationSpotify FreeSpotify Premium
Listen to Over 50 million SongsYESYES
Listen Podcasts & AudioYESYES
Listen to Songs in Any CountryTill 14 daysUnlimited
Play songs on MobileAvailable in the select playlistYES
Annoying AdsNot restrictedRestricted
Listen Songs While OfflineNot availableAvailable
Better Music QualityYESYES

Final Verdict-

Spotify Premium is a MOD of the original Spotify application. So, in case if they ban your account, you can not raise any dispute as using these kinds of MOD apps is illegal. We made this just for those who ain’t able to download and purchase their premium subscription. If you can buy their premium service, please do so because it helps them in improving their service very much.

By saying this, I am going to end this article right here. If you’ve any questions, have any suggestions, or want to share something with us. You can share with us in the comment section below, or you can visit our contact us page for more contact-related information.

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