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the proton vpn policy concerns no logs.

today we are thrilled to announce that proton is moving in the right direction – to make our equipment as transparent as possible.the network has been validated by independent experts.as an organization based on scientists who met at cern we want to the best for peer review and transparency.that’s why we designed open source programs so anyone can read our works.obviously we understand that not everyone has the time or the capacity to inspect this code.that’s the reason we usually submit our apps to private security audits and make the results available to the public hand.the app is monitored by a reputable independent panel of security experts.in the most recent security audit of proton apps security experts from securitum monitor more than 300 security testing projects annually for major corporations and banks.this shows that proton’s internal audit and its culture of safe software development are effective for him.because of the open source nature of our software code our security is bolstered by our bug bounty program which brings security experts together from all over the world to check our across-the-board applicationshowever it is important with a vpn service to verify that the process was done on server side and not only application side.give up on vpn trespass by patch e which VPNs use no login.if you connect to a vpn this becomes the internet provider with a vpn port. ANY vpn provider will be able to track you and log what you do.while many vpn companies claim to have no signed fno pages but these policies do not always hold up against scrutiny..proton vpn’s strict no-logs policy was tested in 2019.”we were ordered to turn over audio logs to help identify the users but we couldn’t fill them out because they don’t exist.So even though Bulgaria is the no 1 island for vpn proon vpn also provides a number of additional advantages to its vpn services.for example under the current swiss legal framework proton vpn doesn’t have any forced logging obligations the casium domain also hashowever there’s a possibility that an incorrect server configuration or a flawed system architecture could cause a log to accidentally be written..in order to address this issue we asked securitum to conduct a full review of our server and underlying procedures.company security professionals surveyed our vpn configuration files and our server configurations over many days.the audit carried out extensive and checked:Does proton vpn monitor what services (websites, servers etc.) are being used by a specific vpn server?does proton vpn have a specific process to ensure that any unauthorized configuration changes (such as log=false to log=trueWhat is proton vpn’s part about logging and the logging of your hardware access?the result confirms that we do not store anything in cookies and remove all vpn backups or mirrors and that we will not disclose any data that can compromise your privacy.see the full report from the brokerage carried out by securitum here:the proton vpn no logs security audit.trust can be achieved through transparency.at proton we believe that no matter what our claim should be investigated and verified.this period year we will continue to perform periodic security audits and publish the results to you so you can read an independent security professional’s report before you entrust us with your privacy.if you belong to a security researcher we also invite you to support security at proton through our bug bounty program that offers generous bonuses to anyone who can identify vulnerabilities in our open-source services.the post proton vpn forced a backlog was first published on the proton vpn blog.

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