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TheoneSpy review: the undisputed king of spy apps.

Theonespy review: a undisputed king of spy apps for phone phones.

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Before reviewing a spyware, franklin uses all the existing software and tools himself by purchasing the license of the products all information provided is based on his personal experience with the apps and the attached screenshots show the real-time data from the targeted device he received while testing them

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After reviewing more than two dozen spies on this site i always have a headache because all these apps have issues. some apps weren’t there just for being perfect but they missed the mark by some margin.

In dbq for an iPhone ” / adsbygoogle = adsbygoogle |/|[]).push(*).

Despite the fact that I am launching a review of one of the softwares i will use today i will not be using this app on Android for its functionality.

Theonespy review.

I have covered theonespy app review in its entirety so this may be a bit longer article. If you’re running short then use the links below to jump to the specific part of the review.

Demo compatibility how to setup &amp. install theonespy dashboard theonespy features customer support &amp. impact on the app Theonespy pricing Theonespy review: can it compete withLandscape is located in a lush park near the beach.

Some examples.

Theonespy provides no free trial version but you can have a look at how it functions using its free demo account. by using the demo you can see all the features it provides and the results you can expect from it


But if you want to track someone’s Android phone then it must be running on Android 5 before 11 and the phone does not need to be rooted as it can work well on a non-rooted android phone. the

. because the window would be window.adsbygoogle: []).push()

The ios is really a jailbreak check for iphones. not just flexispy buttheonespy can not track an Android device jailbroken.

How to install theonespy.

The setting up of the account for you.

1. go to websites of theonespy and click on view the plan &amp. pricing button.

2. – now choose the target device as android iphone apple mace or windows PC.

3. now choose the plan according to your requirements you can choose monthly, quarterly and yearly plans

Then you enter the billing info such as your name and email and then you mty must make payment. after payment is done the log-in details will be put in your registered e-mail.

If takes android 3.0 other than the onespy how do to install it?

3. log into theonespy account on your device using the security details you create in your email.

2. now you can follow the onscreen prompts you get in the dashboard to successfully install the app on the target cell phone and also a quick video tutorial that guides you through the installation procedure.

With the steps you will be able to easily install the theonespy app on the target phone and you will now be ready to monitor all the activities of target

Theonespy: sign up here.

Theonespy’s dashboard.

The first thing you see when you logging into a athespy account is the behavior of the phone /s with the target phone what is your plan and what it gives you like calls etc.

If you scroll down to the bottom you can also see the most recent location of the target phone on the map.

All elements are in one place.

Can you list the features that are provided by a proper app?

Let’s see the features of theonespy app one by one. it has a big collection of useful features which are not offered by other spyware and even if they offer they only work on rooted android devices. but you can use advanced monitoring features without rooting the”

1. viewed 360.

The first thing you get with this spyware is view 360. this allows you to keep your eyes on the target person all the time.Yes it allows you to see live view of their surroundings using the front and the back camera of the target camera and just select the camera you want to hack i.e. rear and then click the connect button.

The dryer charges each time you disconnect the live streaming device during the connection process.

While using this feature i noticed that it captures hd footage with clear sound and you could literally see everything they are doing. there are not many apps that come with this feature but you can get it on umobix. however it doesn’t work perfectly as the feature is still in development and also the video quality is not that great

Until you see your activity click stop camera feed to stop the streaming.

Aside from the video there is also a very listened to image of the target person by clicking a live image window on the status bar. click on the connect button and then tap get audio to start recording a live audio audio. This feature is also offered on umobix but just like video – streaming this is also under development

With the 360 view app the targeted person will never hide anything from you know he or she can still see facts and perform the same actions in real time.

I wanna try theonespy.

This is a log sheet.

It’s not only about your family contact information but the details regarding the incoming and outgoing calls and texts that you can get from the family and even provide detail on your GPS position.

Call logs

You can see all the calls that you’ve received and missed from the target phone.

This advanced spy app even records these calls apart from the contact name, number, duration and time of the call all types of spyware do – i’ll tell you later about the call recording as well

It even tracks the country of the call – the target number means that it can tell where the caller was when he did.

Sms for trying.

Even if trying to delete a phone message after sending or receiving it this app can still track the text message lost like mspy.

You can also set an alert by keyword or number to notify you whenever an sms the keyword or the number enters is received.

It only keeps a log of messages sent by cellular networks positive and not sent over internet.

Social media.

As i’ve said before theonespy can show you im log of popular social media apps like twitter instagram blog tinder mechat hike followers twitter follows etc.

It shows a section of conversation which everyone could easily find out.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t only show the social media information it also records the audio messages that happened on any particular platform.”

Above is an example of how to call WhatsApp that could be used in other ways: it can also track all social networking

3. the recorded calls.

The handwritten/rather violent-sounds button gives you the ability to listen to the recording of all calls made on the target device. you can either play the recording on the dashboard or download the recordings to your device for later

There’s a other light available.

At my initial test i found that the call recording was very clear from both ends and you can clearly listen to the conversations the same of the kidsguard pro spy app. there also the person on the other side of the call was clearly audible which i found when i reviewed the kidsguard pro

Have you tried theonespy?

4. precautions.

In this section of the onespy dashboard you can remotely penetrate a specific part of the target cell phone to get access to it directly by a bug.

You can access the mic and record ambient sound on the target phone by creating a bug you also can choose the duration of recording and then click on the send button if the target phone is connected to the internet then the audio will be recorded for the

The hand recorded audio will be stored in the edit button of the mic you can listen to it or save it to a computer.

There is a camera available on the phone to record a video montage made from his front and rear camera for a video. you can also select the camera edges and the camera i.e. front or back.

The image will be on the dashboard and you can play or load it on your device to see what you’ve recorded.

If you don’t want to film you can remotely hack any cell phone camera to record a mobile phone ” the photos will be displayed for you when you click the picture you want and you will be able to see everything.

Call recording 5. give me a ticket to the call.

There is little app other than flexispy which allows Voip call recording without rooting the target device except theonespy but it allows microphone and audio takes details of various charges made via various social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook messenger, hangout

It can only record the audio from the target person’s mic and not from the other end and the same is true with flexispy as well. but since takes a clear record you can listen to what the target person is talking about and thus deduce what the conversation”

The call will be recorded during the call by the managed websites and you can either listen to the upcoming calls which can be downloaded to your device.

You can skip to social media apps from the top right corner and pick the platform you want to check.

If they made a call from that phone then you’ll see that I blogged on the dashboard. I even made video calls but I only added audio calls.

All handwriting what’s good about this feature makes it easier to record spoof calls without rooting the device for poor quality video.

Click to try theonespy.

6. theonespy screen recorder.

Theonespy’s live live screen recording camera captures daily screen recordings of target phones and saves them to your account. with the help of theonespy’s backup camera you can easily see what someone is doing on his phone without anyone knowing.

If you want to capture screen recording on your demand then you can also do this by clicking on demand in the right side of the dashboard. enable on-demand status. you can then choose the time period of screen recording and then send the bug to the target phone

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [] ). putty = Push().

The image that was captured on a wifi service takes the picture that was captured only off the mobile.

7. password recruiter.

I want to know the phone password of my loved one. what is their name and password?Yes well you heard me right the theonespy app captures the screen recording whenever they unlock their phones. this feature allows you to know their IDid pin, password or pattern and unlock their devices when a user doesn

Theonespy is the only app i tested so far that has this unique and helpful feature that makes me recommend it even more.

Test theonespy.

8. screenshots.

The screenshot section of the app is the place that you can remotely capture screenshots on the cellphone without the knowledge of the owner. you need to create a bug i.e. a command which allows you to set the number of screenshots (5,10),15) you want to capture and the interval of each screenshot (15,30,60 seconds)

If it captured the screenshots then you can see them on the dashboard. you can download the screenshot onto your device and see it on the large screen. You can even start a slideshow by clicking on the play button.

9. notifications &amp alerts

The last time I saw such a feature is when i reviewed fenced.ai it’s a pretty basic but also helps feature that shares notifications positive alerts to the killer on that

The dryerthread parental control app fenced.ai tested was unable to track notifications of native phone apps like messages, calls, etc. while theonespy app tracks notifications and alerts from both third-party and native apps and that

Takes the basic activities back.

If you go to the appointment section under activities you can see upcoming plans a person saved to his/her calendar.

Aside from the future plans it shares a copy of the activities on an annual calendar. by doing this you can know a lot about what your spouse, lover or kids hide

You can know a lot about them by ways of the web search history. you can see a list of the web transactions by your kids or your partner with a clickable link to this specific website.

I tested this on multiple browsers and even with the incognito window, it tracks and views all websites in one go without any issue.

As well because you can see the list all the apps that are currently installed on the target phone you can also block or uninstall the app from the target phone without touching it.

I found that the blocks and uninstall feature work almost instantly. as soon as you press the block or uninstall app button on your dashboard the app is blocked or deleted in real-time from the target phone.

11. keylogs.

The keylog section stores the recorded keys made on different apps on the target phone to spy on someone’s messages in secret and see what other things they type on their phone”

You can even print or save the keystrokes from the top right side of the dashboard so that you can keep them on hand in case you have trouble with your cheating partner or spoiled poor child.

Does theonespy track snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular app that cheaters love to use as it presents a disappearing snap feature making it an ideal app for exchanging inappropriate photos but don’t worry with the help of theonespy app you can spy on their snapchat activities.

13. pictures.

You want to get access to people’s portfolios.The onespy app will take care of the rest ”. It syncs all the photos stored on the target phone no matter if this is captured, downloaded or the screenshot. So you still have images to view

It won’t take too long to take a photo and within a couple of minutes the picture will be on your dashboard and you can see it and even download it if you want”

14. contacts.

With this spy app, you can easily see all contacts saved on your spouse or child’s phone and whom they are in contact with.”

The recent email will appear on your account within minutes assuming the victim’s cellphone is connected to the internet


You are looking for one app that can alert you when the target person leaves or enters a specific location.Any of the possibilities there are to set up geofencing on this app is you simply choose the location the time you want to be notified and send the default notification email

Once the target person leaves or enters the virtual fence that is set by you a teacher should send an email to your class so you can help guard your child and keep an eye on your cheating partner.

16. location.

Theonespy geo locations is a location tracking feature which monitors the 100% accurate location of the target phone with the help of GPS. It shares with you the longitude and bidtitude of the location and time they were present at that particular

If you don’t understand the longitude and latitude then don’t know e latitude and longitude you can also see the location of the target person on the map.

In addition it can keep track of the location of your target phone so you can reach the target person sooner if they need help or if you want to catch a boss.

While using the app the best thing i like about theonespy app is its accuracy. it can track the exact position at which the target phone is currently located.

Also try theonespy.

17. network connections.

With this feature you can see all the wifi routers that your family allows and it’d be nice to see the location if it could also share the.wi-fi network as some other.

20. technology. web filter.

As the name suggests this feature allows you to apply filters on the web activities of your child so that you can block adult stuff on your child phone. you just have to set the keywords or url you don’t want your

Now if they try to visit the blocked URL or a keyword they can’t access and will receive a warning.”

It works on all browsers and even in a private window. I even tried to search for the restricted keywords and urls using a vpn but still couldn’t surf them. it’s a great feature for keeping your children away from accessing adult content

19. app report.

It should also know what app is most used by the target person i just use app report feature information. this way you can know which app the child spends the most time using.

20. screen time.

You can stop their screen time with no cost to you though on yourspy account.It could be dangerous for the sight and mental health of the people so you have to do something.Your kid is using your phone more than they should.

Choose the time of day and time you want to restrict screen time and send the command

You can block the time after the phone receives the command it will restrict the screen time that your child will never be able to use the phone to resume the conversation and will see a message like this on their mobile for years to come

The maps in this 12-day period are blocked even the dialer so that they can’t reach anyone in an emergency. unlike famisafe when no apps are blocked except the dialer.

Support & service impact on our app.

These two things are important and you must look for them before going for a spy app. because no matter how good the spyware is if these two things are not good then it will not be of benefit to you.

Unlike most other spywares which come with chat support theonespy has not that across it which is what i like about it. however you get a support feature on the dashboard itself and then you can email them. But since all features of this app work

It looks like the app has positive effects on the app but it has minimal memory – especially on the target phone -as you can notice from a screenshot below the app is installed with a fake account name and carries no poor

How much does he cost to be a spy?

So you can still monitor your android phone without having to pay $30 a month for the lite edition and can get a premium edition for $40 a month. Configure a quarterly and 2011 plan to obtain multi

Click the link below to check your plans.

So you can still track your iphone on iCloud by paying $55 the month for one phone, $105 for 3 months and $125 for 6 months. You can also buy a yearly plan for $165 if you want

I have more plans and no problems. give me the number.

Onespy review: mule can it compete with flexispy?

Flexispy is still a great spy app but the fact that flexispy is more expensive than theonespy makes it less likable. however if you want to spy on a rooted cell phone then flexispy is better because there you can listen to ongoing calls

(adsbygoogle = box.adsbygoogle || []).push().

Theonespy has big list of whats better is that all of the features across the software work as described. and advanced features like voip call recording works without rooting which is also a great thing. overall if i have to recommend someone a spy app that

The maps.

Is’spyware’ safe?

Yes theonespy app is very safe to use because it will not cause any damage to the phone targeted and will not digest private information of a target person.

Is theonespy free?

It isn’t free just a sample so there is a free demo to test.

3. can it track my iphone?

Yes but it’s only free spyware other than jailbroken phone.

Are onespy and onespy the same service provider?

No they’re still different apps.



The ease of insertion.

9.0 /10.

Tracking of his tracks.


User interface.


The speed of synchronisation.



9.5 /10.



Impact takes place on a target phone.


Customer support.


Value for money.



Works well on a non root android hacks the camera and microphone of the target cell phone phone call recording is very clear location tracking is 100% accurate has a free demo allows you to restrict screen time of your child you can know the technology password of the target device using


Does not recognize instagram and skype calls without rooting does not have a chat suspended for iphone.

Click here to try theonespy.

Theonespy app captures pictures of the user’s phone when the lock screen is off. You can use this to penetrate a given victim’s phone and get details of his/her emergency location.It could be hazardous for their mental health and eyes so you have to do something.It allows you to view the full picture of the target person to two other people using the same app or mobile phone. if you’re using the same app you can also hack the target person’s AI. rnrnrnSorry about that it’s possible to restrict to mobile phone time remotely with theonespy account.rnoverall i have been using this spy running for about 2 days now but instead of sharing the camera block logs with other spy apps it’s allowed me to use it moreCrew members use this feature to track a suspicious adult on my water pressure cell phone by ” unable to check out what really happened. rTheonespy is available for android based smartphones except they require a valid password. The speed to download the application is amazing.Show me the onespy app file so you can see all the photos i saved on the phone without scanning it.rnrnrnspecific notification9 When the abuser is gone it will be directed towards a game if

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